Can other species besides pigs become feral?



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    Certainly. Any domesticated animal can become feral in one generation, if two domesticated individuals are allowed to have offspring and bring them up without human contact. 

    Feral cats are a problem in some suburban neighborhoods, often the result of “outdoor” or abandoned cats having offspring. This is why there is such a big push for pets to be spayed or neutered: so they can’t have litters outdoors that their owners never even know about. The feral babies can bite people, attack more domesticated pets, and cause many other nuisances. The cheapest and most humane method for dealing with this problem is to trap, neuter and then release the feral cats, so that they and their offspring can’t continue breeding exponentially.

    It is not as big of a problem in heavily populated areas, because dogs are usually neutered and kept inside, but packs of feral dogs can be a very real problem in more rural areas and developing countries. They cannot easily be returned to a domestic life like a stray can, but people are encouraged to provide food stations for them and help with similar trap-neuter-release (TNR) programs.

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