Can Ornamental Peanut Grass grow in Texas? If so, what is pros and cons of this grass as a lawn



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    Ornamental peanut grass can certainly grow in Texas. In fact it will thrive there. This is because it requires very little water in order to flourish. You can water it twice a month and it will remain green and strong. It also helps control erosion.

    The only con you may find occuring would be if it got very cold where you live. There are types of this grass that cannot survive the cold of northern Florida, which doesn’t leave much room for temperature changes. However, scientists and currently exploring the different variations of this grass in the hopes of finding one that can flourish under colder conditions than southern Florida. The only good thing about the fact that this grass cannot survive the winter is that it will grow back once temperatures get warmer, so not all is lost. 

    Another great point about this grass is that it doesn’t require much mowing. It grows to a certain height and then does not grow any further. This means you can cut down on emissions in the form of gardening.

    All in all, apart from the temperature concerns, it sounds like a great grass to try growing in Texas. 

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