Can old guitar strings be recycled? What can I do with them?



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    I was wondering this myself. Using them for art or jewelry would be real cool, but being that I have several guitars on which I change the strings on a regular basis, I would have far too many strings to do something cool like that with all of them. Can you just throw them in along with the rest of your recycling?

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    we are a french association who recycle all guitars and bass strings. In 60 years we won’t be able to find more Nickel…so we have to change our behaviour now!

    All the money earned is dedicated to solidarity action in health, sustainable developpment…

    Please come on and visit our web site (in french for the moment)!


    You can also find us on Facebook!

    Thanks to everyone


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    Many say that you can just throw guitar strings in with the rest of your recycling, skibumk27, but there are many companies that accept donations in order to make (exactly as you suggested!) jewelry. Check out this New Jersey nonprofit company High Strung, which recycles your old strings into classy and elegant looking jewelry! The link is in the citations! 

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