Can ocean currents be used to produce energy?



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    Yes! Ocean wave energy is gaining attention, and there are a variety of technologies that are used to harness the power of ocean waves. Point absorbers, for example, “is a floating structure with components that move relative to each other due to wave action (e.g., a floating buoy inside a fixed cylinder). The relative motion is used to drive electromechanical or hydraulic energy converters.” There are many different devices used to generate power from ocean waves, and I reccommend checking out the link below for more information.

    One issue, though, with ocean wave power is how it disturbs marine habitat, and another is the risk of spilling fluids used in the power-gathering devices. It’s important to keep these things in mind when campaigning for an ocean wave power plant.

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    Wave energy, discussed in the other answer, is not the same as energy from ocean currents as asked in the original question. Research is underway on current energy. See the link for an outline of aspects of this research.

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