Can nuclear energy reduce our oil import?



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    Short answer yes. Nuclear energy can replace most but not all currently oil based energy facilities. Though oil is still needed for the transportation industry, apart from that changing to nuclear is easier than switching to any other renewable energy source and at the moment is also cheaper.

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    Nuclear energy cannot replace liquid fuel, so only by substantially changing transportation technology can nuclear energy replace much oil, 70% of which in the US goes to transportation. If US cars were all electric cars, we would then rely on electricity far more, and increasing nuclear energy would affect that. Right now, half the electricity in the US comes from burning coal. And electric cars using current technology require things like neodymium and lanthanum (imported from China) and lithium (imported from Chile). Also, note that 85% of the uranium used to generate nuclear power in the US is imported. So, yes, changing cars to electric cars could reduce our oil imports, while increasing imports of uranium, neodymium, lithium, and a few other critical elements.

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