can my neighbors swimming pool be killing my pine tree?

Hi there, I planted a lovely pine about 10 years ago, we love it. It is right next to the fence.. and my neighbors put in a swimming pool right on the other side of the fence, and now all his needles are turning yellow and falling off…. can this be the reason?



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    Yes, if your neighbor’s pool is treated with chlorine then it is possible that the chlorine is damaging your pine tree if the two come into contact with one another.  In fact, pine trees and other deciduous trees are the most susceptible to damage.  The chlorine bleaches the leaves, and often times they will turn brown and fall off because the leaves stop producing chlorophyll.  If the tree can be transplanted then it will recover over time.  If not, then it is possible that the tree could suffer permanent damage.

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    Also, if they dug the pool right next to the tree, the excavation for the pool might have destroyed many of the tree’s roots. That would several injure it and possibly make it die even if the pool was chlorine-free.

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