Can my dachshund eat grapes?



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    No.  There is a chemical in grapes that can cause vomitting, diarrhea, and even kidney failure. 

    Having your dog eat a couple off the floor won’t hurt him or her, but if your pup feasts on the whole bunch, call your vet immediately.

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    Most people are aware that chocolate is toxic to dogs but there are other foods that are even more toxic to them. Grapes are one of them. Raisins are especially dangerous since they are dried which concentrates the meat of the grape. A dog as small as a dachshund could eat as few as a handful of raisins and be in really bad shape. Other foods that are toxic for dogs to varying degrees are onions, avocados, and nutmeg. Poisoning from chocolate or grapes can be fatal for your dog so be very careful.

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    Also, this may seem sort of silly, but it seems as though dogs were designed not to be able to eat grapes. We certainly don’t intentionally feed grapes to our dogs, but if a grape ever falls on the floor, watching a dog try to pick it up may prove that dogs are certainly not built to handle a grape in any capacity. 

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