can a mongoose kill a rattlesnake



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    A mongoose could probably not kill a rattlesnake.  To kill venemous snakes like king cobras, the mongoose relies on being faster in its movements.  However, the average rattlesnake is faster than the average mongoose.  Mongoose are not immune to snake venom, so a battle between these two would likely result in the mongoose’s death.  If the temperature was very cold, the rattlesnake might be slowed enough for the mongoose to kill it.

    Mongooses are famous for fighting king cobras, who rear up and strike in an arc.  Snakes like rattlesnakes form an “S” and strike in a different way.

    Mongoose and rattlesnakes are not geographically compatible, so they would never meet in the natural world without human interference.

    Here is a mongoose battling a cobra:


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    Like erincthomas stated, they are not geographically compatible. If they were in the same spot at the same time, that I do not know… BUT!!!

    The toxins in most snake venoms block nerve-muscle communication by binding to acetylcholine repectors of the prey. A mongoose has a similar receptor but it it is slightly mutated so the toxin never binds and leaves the mongoose unharmed.

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