Can metal shavings be recycled?



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    Have a look at the site below. But notice they are only quoting about $1 a pound for some.

    Also note that some metals are worth much more. If you’ve got lead or aluminium, it’s probably a little marginal, unless you have a lot.

    Nickel, on the other hand looks worthwhile in even low quantities.

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    Not only can you recycle metal shavings, it can actually be very lucrative if you have high volumes of them. The website below suggests consolidating your shavings into briquettes, making them much more marketable for recycling and a better monetary return for you. Several times a month, I’ve seen a few guys in a truck going up and down my neighborhood asking for scrap metal, because there are people who will pay well for something they don’t have to mine for. As mentioned above, however, depending on what metal you have shavings for can depend on its value; the more sought after the metal is, the higher its value.

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