Can mercury be removed from pants and food, just removed not to eat just remove it.



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    I think it really depends on the type of food you’re trying to remove it from.  The most common food mercury can be found in is fish, so I will use this as an example.  Let me just say that mercury cannot be removed from fish once they have been caught for eating.  Why is there so much mercury in fish in the first place?  Their bodies do not cleanse themselves of this toxin as fast as their bodies absorb it.  Interestingly enough, plants can actually be used to remove pollutants such as mercury from soil and water – this depends on the pollutant type, the soil type, and the age of the pollutant – different plants are used for different types of pollutants.  For more information on this refer to this link.  Also, steps can be taken to detoxify your own body of mercury and other harmful metals; for that, refer to this other link.

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