Can lizards tails actually grow back?



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    Yes; lizards can actually choose to shed their tails if they feel threatened by a predator because it will serve as a distraction.  Then, it regrows a tail but instead of bone, the new one is made of cartilage.  It is easier for younger lizards to regrow a tail and it will probably be a slightly different color or length and may have a different pattern as well.

    It’s not good for a lizard to lose its tail, though, as this is a source of balance, energy storage, the ability to swim and even as a sign of social rank.

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    I had an iguana lose a tail once, and it’s a scary sight for a pet owner. It was important to keep the wound clean. This particular iguana lost her tail after a move to a house with dogs. She was threatened and under stress. Lizards are sensitive animals and require appropriate care. I don’t recommend lizards as pets for children. 

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