Can liquid from mushroom be used to kill any insect?

If any, what is the name of the mushroom(s) and the insect(s)?



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    I’m not sure if it is the liquid from a mushroom but I did find an article about a mycologist who used a mushroom from the cordyceps family that kills ants.

    Mushrooms from the cordyceps family are parasitic fungi that attack insects with each species of mushrooms attacking only one species of ants. With the species of mushroom that kills ants, the fungus infects the body of the ant and a mushroom moves into the ant’s brain. The fungus will take over the ant’s motor functions, causing the mushroom to climb higher and the spores to spread farther. This will eventually cause the ant to hold on tightly to a leaf or a branch while the fungus kills the ant. Later, a mushroom will emerge from the ant and spreading spores will start the whole process over.

    Paul Stamets, the mycologist who developed it and received two patents for the fungal pest control solution, used tainted rice to spread a pre-sporulating strain of the fungus to the ants. He had found during previous runs that if the mushroom went to spore too quickly, the ants recognized the smell and avoided it. With the tainted rice, they could not smell the fungus and ate it, dying a few days later. Because each ant produced a mushroom that produced millions of spores, other ants are able to smell the spores and avoid the house completely.

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