Can Levi’s become a green company?



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    Any company whose livelihood isn’t based around hurting the environment (oil companies and others that cultivate unsustainable resources) can become green, and Levi’s is taking steps to do that.

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    Levi’s has sold “eco jeans” that are made from recycled materials, suggesting that they are taking steps toward becoming more eco-friendly. It is unclear whether or not the eco jeans are still in production, however, and it’s possible that Levi’s dropped the concept in 2007. 

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    In addition to the answers already offered, Levi offered new eco-friendly denim jeans earlier this year that didn’t require as much water for finishing. Normally Levi washes the jeans with water to make them softer, but they’ve created jeans that require less water to achieve the same desired level of soft. They claim these new denim jeans require 11 less gallons of water per pair, allowing them to save 4 million gallons of water for their spring collection.

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