Can the levels of radiation from a microwave cause any health problems?



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    A properly functioning microwave oven contains its radiation, and it is no danger. See other answers.

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    Not if it’s properly sealed. The FDA says that the amount of microwaves leaked from a microwave oven is far below levels that would harm people.

    Last I heard, it was still fairly undetermined whether or not heating foods in microwave ovens is particularly dangerous. According to, “Dr. Fumio Watanabe of Japan’s Kochi Women’s University found that heating samples [by way of microwaves] for six minutes degenerated 30 to 40% of the milk’s vitamin B12. This kind of breakdown took about 25 minutes of boiling with conventional heat.” There have been other studies that show a similar breakdown in other nutrients. Check out the citation.

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    forget about cocking, take a small am radio, and place it beside the microwking radio waves ave.

    As you are cooking some popcorn inside the microwave is your radio coming in loud and clear? If it has static, your microwave is leaking, radio waves that can burn a nice hole into your skin, or burn below the  skin. check it now, check often.


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