Can leaves be used for anything productive?



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    Leaves are a perfect addition/filler to a compost pile. They decompose down to a fertile soil, and can be used for productive/non-polluting crop fertilizing. Otherwise, leaves are used in many aspects of our lives, depending on which plant the leaf is from. Tobacco leaves are smoked, coca leaves are processed into cocaine, banana leafs make great lean-to shelter roofs. So yes, leaves can be used for a variety of productive purposes, not just a covering on the ground come autumn.

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    One of the most productive options for your raked leaves is to turn them into compost.  You can either put them in a bin or put them on a vegetable garden and cover them with a little ash or limejuice.  When composting in a bin, you can’t just let it sit on its own – you need to turn the leaves and keep them properly watered.  Shredded the leaves beforehand can help with the composting process.

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