Can large companies help us get a climate bill passed?



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    ….Well they could.  but they would not want to.  Companies pay big money for lobbyists (and pay off politicians under the table) to help sway the votes to help their companies.  

    However, these companies wouldn’t want a climate bill passed because it would make their job harder.

    But yes, in theory, they could 

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    If a company is already in good shape, they may favor the bill to put more pressure on their competition. 

    Otherwise as Keith says, they probably pay lobbyists to prevent a bill from passing, or they may try to influence the bill so that it doesn’t actually bring into law many radical changes they have to adjust their procedures for.

    As consumers, we might have a better position to get companies to change.  Choose the green option and reward companies for making changes that make their company more efficient, their packaging recyclable and their product more eco-friendly.

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