Can lady bugs breathe?



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    Yes, ladybugs can breathe.  Just like other insects, ladybugs require oxygen to live, and emit carbon dioxide as a waste product.  Insects do not have lungs or a respiratory system though, so it is considered more of a gas exchange.  According to the San Diego Zoo, adult ladybugs breath just like humans do.  Oxygen is breathed into the body through openings called spiracles, which are located on the sides of the abdomen and thorax. 

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    Ladybugs breathe as adults and need oxygen as humans do. The oxygen enters their body through spiracles which are located on their sides and on the thorax. Then the oxygen is transported through tubes throughout the ladybugs body. In this process there is a gas exchange from the waste carbon dioxide produced for the oxygen replacement. They have no need to circulate air through lungs or a circulatory system as humans do. 

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