Can kidneys repair themselves like a lung can?



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    To a certain degree, yes, kidneys can repair themselves. According to Harvard research scientist Joseph Boventre, “The kidney actually ranks very highly in its ability to repair itself.” The nephron is the functional unit of the kidney and it filters blood. If the nephron tubules are damaged, the kidney has the capacity to repair them. However, if the tubules are damaged too severely, these damages are beyond repair.

    I provided a link below that you might find helpful that goes into more details about kidney repair.

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    Yes, the kidney has the ability to repair itself if it is not damaged beyond repair. According to Joseph Bonventre, a PhD Professor of Medicine at Havard Medical School who is also the head of the HSCI Kidney Disease Program. Bonventre and his team study how the kidney repairs tissues after disease. The Specialists especially studied the repair of nephrons. Nephrons are the key functional tools of the kidneys. The nephrons have filtering units for blood, the glomerulus, and the tubule. The tubule is what is responsible for the filtering of blood before passing it through to the ducts which lead to bladder. The kidney may be able to regenerate and recover but kidneys cannot reproduce new nephrons.

    If the tubules are too severely damaged then the nephron may be destroyed. Stem cell research is looking promising for the repair of kidneys. The research is aimed at preventing the damage of kidneys or the recovery of kidneys in cardiac patients.

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