Can Katrina victims sue anyone because of global warming?



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    No.  Hurricane Katrina was a weather event, and global warming refers to climate change.  Hurricanes have been happening longer than recorded history, so the fact that one hurricane was particularly bad does not point to any significant abnormality in the weather.  Federal rules of Civil Procedure would allow the defense to throw out such a claim, since no relief could be granted by a court.  The people to sue were the ones who were negligent in hurricane defense (since hurricanes are expected phenomena, if uncertain), and those who were negligent in relief efforts.   

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    I have to agree with whitefish. I freak natural accident can not be sued for, even if there is proof that global warming is human caused and related to the event. Just imagine if every country that saw floods, drought, excessive downpour and any other nature related disaster could sue someone for their loss. 

    By the way, people need to grow up and stop suing for every single thing that goes wrong.

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