can a kangaroo live in any other country besides australia



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    They are mainly found in Australia; they do not migrate to other places. The only other places you would be able to see a kangaroo is in a zoo, but other than that they remain in Australia.

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    Kangaroos (mostly tree kangaroos) are also native to New Guinea, which is definitely not part of Australia.

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    Yes, actually—there is a species of Kangaroo called the Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo that is found in the rain forests of West Papua and Papua New Guinea as well as in Australia. It’s an unusual kind of kangaroo, and not what people normally think of when they think of kangaroos, because it’s much smaller (only 15 to 22 pounds) and lives at high elevations in mountainous cloud forests and spend most of their time in trees. Other species of kangaroo do only occur naturally in Australia (as well as Tasmania, an Australian island), and can only be seen at zoos in other countries.

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    Also, there is nothing preventing a kangaroo from living in other areas if shipped there, though this action is what causes invasive species and ecological imbalances, so we don’t do it.

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