Can the international space station provide any clues about the progression of climate change?



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    The international space station is not giving any information about climate change but there is another satellite that is, or was. The Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite (ICE-Sat) stopped working in October 2009, but for 7 years it bad been using lasers to track ice thickness, glacier movement, land mass elevation, and lots of other aspects of the earth that were helping scientist to better understand where we are heading.

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    Yes.  The International Space Station (ISS) has current and planned missions for observing global climate change on Earth, including the Living Planet Programme, the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security initiative, and the Climate Change Initiative. 

    Just a few months ago, there was a global Call for Ideas (CFI) to scientific institutions from the European Space Agency on how to implement new programs and use existing ones to study climate change in a cost-effective manner.  The CFI was also aimed at proving support for further climate change research on the ISS. 

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