Can inter-specie breeding create weaker animals?



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    Two seperate species will typically not interbreed voluntarily; if human intervention causes them to, then the biological species concept states that they cannot produce viable offspring. In other words, the female individual will probably not be able to get pregnant and have a child, and even if she does, the resulting animal will not be able to have babies. For example, a horse and a donkey are two different species. If they mate, the offspring is a mule. But two mules can never have offspring, so yes, such a mating typically does not produce a strong bloodline.

    However, recent research has called the biological species concept into question. Sometimes, two types of animal that we consider different species, for instance because they live in different parts of the world, or will not reproduce in the wild, will mate when kept in captivity and produce viable offspring. This calls into question what we think of as a species, and has led to new theories. Today, most scientists will group new species based on a shared genetic past, and not on mating characteristics, when possible.

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