can i wash clay down the sink

my son is a potter and he washes his unused clay down the sink will it clog my sink he also washes his hands and pot of unused clay



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    There is a possibility that, over time, the clay will build up and cause a clog in drainage pipes. This has been a longstanding problem is pottery studios, where ‘traps’ are often installed in pipes to prevent this problem. However, many people use bathing clays as a method of detoxification and generally report that, so long as the clay is not washed down in clumps, a problem is unlikely. It is probably best to err on the side of caution with pottery clay.

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    You can actually buy a trap for your house if you would like the piece of mind. I also found a way to build a trap from a 55gal plastic water barrel.

    Interesting, the link is cited below.

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    I think so, but it would waste a lot of water washing it down…

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