Can I wash and reuse plastic silverware?



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    Yes, you can definitely wash and reuse plastic silverware.  Though it doesn’t last as long as metal silverware, re-using plastic silverware that you accumulate is a great way to be green.  Some plastic silverware will melt in the dishwasher, though, depending on the temperature inside dishwasher.  Be sure to keep the plastic clean, as some bacteria is more prone to grow on plastic.

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    Depending on the type of plastic used in the construction of the silver ware, it might also be a good idea to not use extremely hot water when washing the silver ware.  Some types of plastic can leach out in water if a certain temperature is reached or if soaked in water long enough.  This residue could then end up in food if it remained on the surface of the silver ware when it was being used for food consumption.  

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