Can I use recycled newspaper in my flower gardens?



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    Recycled newspaper has many benefits for a flower garden.  Newspaper is made of about 95% organic material and less than 5% inorganic material making newspaper a safe choice for plants and flowers.  Newspaper use can help control weeds, when decomposed helps provide a carbon enriched soil, increases aggregate stability of soil, decreases erosion, increases water holding capacity, increases cation exchange capacity, and decreases compaction of soil.

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    Yes! Newspapers are safe to use in the garden because modern newspaper ink is made from natural pigments, not chemicals. You can even use the ads that come with your newspaper. Newspaper mulch can prevent weeds from growing, especially if you use the ads printed on thicker paper (though these are biodegradable, they take longer to biodegrade than thin newspaper). Shredded newspaper can be used in compost bins and is a good source of carbon. 

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