Can I use old dryer sheets for anything else?



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    Absolutely. You can use them as dust rags and paper towels. Because they tend to still be fragrant even after a dry, you can use them as air freshners for shoes, drawers, etc. For other innovative ideas, this website is a great resource.

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    Dryer sheets are also useful as deodorizers. When you change the bag in your vacuum cleaner, place a fabric softener sheet inside the bag through the hole where the bag is attached. Everytime you use the vacuum, the room will be filled with a fresh scent. They also work well inside a shoe to keep the stinky foot smell disguised.

    More useful and creative uses for dryer sheets and other household items can be found at

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    Drier sheets can be used as a spoof for smoking such things as marijuana. This helps to dissipate the smoke and smells great! All you have to do is put the drier sheets inside the round cardboard from a toilet paper roll. It works like a charm and plus you are reusing. 

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