Can I use my coffee grinds twice or should they only be used once?



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    This is more a matter of taste then anything else. You can, and I have, use coffee grounds more then once, but the coffee you get the second time around will be much weaker and watered down. If you are looking to save money what you can do is leave the old grounds and add some new ones on top of them to keep the flavour rich but not use as much new coffee each time. Now if you are just looking to minimize waste, coffee grounds are actually great fertilizer for plants so if you have any plants you take care of just mix the grounds in water and feed the plants with them. Below you can find some more ideas as well.

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    You could use them twice, but it won’t taste very good. It will be less-strong and have a sour flavor. Environmentally, it’s more important to have a reusable coffee filter, and clean it after each use.

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