can I use human power to supply power to my own home?



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    There are ways to do this. There’s even a book written about how to do it, “the Human Powered Home” by Tamara Dean. Most of the ways to power your home with human power revolve around pedalling or cranking something to generate electricity. Check out the book if you want to find plans and schematics for how to do it, as well as advice for how best to accomplish your goal.

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    It might be currently impractical to power your entire home with your own muscle power, but you can surely use human power to run many of the electrical appliances in your home! As an example, I found some instructions for hooking up your bike to power your television (use caution if you attempt this!).

    The book Human-Powered Home, by Tamera Dean, also talks about the history of human power and provides plans for making things like a pedal generator, blender, and washing machine. See the table of contents for the book below.

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