can I use facebook to help the environment?



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    In a way, yes. Through Facebook, you can raise awareness and inform. Getting people to participate in events, petition any environmentally unfriendly practices, etc. can help a lot. Also, providing links to resources detailing recycling center sites, how to reuse materials, what products are eco-friendly, etc. goes a long way.

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    Absolutely.  Facebook and other new media isnt inherently good or bad, it is simply user generated. Thus, should a user decide to champion the environment, facebook offers certain tools to him or her to go about that.  You can use FB to promote events, start threads, and post ads and pictures championing your case.  And Im sure you can find like minded people who share similar goals.

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    Facebook can allow you to find groups and organizations that are environmentally oriented. You can “like” or become a fan of this group and become educated about their cause, donate, or become a member. It is a good way to spread messages without using paper resources, that lead to the cutting of more trees for paper. Facebook is quick and efficient so messages about major ecological events can be sent immediately and people can make an effort to stop any destructive activities that may be occuring in their area or globally.

    Facebook is definitely one unique way to help the environment!

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    Practically all I use my Facebook page is for environmental news to pass on to my friends.

    Every time I write a comment on a cause I am passionate about I click the cause to Facebook.

    That mean about 15 clicks a day, minimum.

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    Just as others have noted, Facebook can absolutely be used to help the environment.  Not only can you share what you are doing to be more eco-friendly, but if all of your friends and people in your network do the same thing, think about how much you could learn about being eco-friendly.  Facebook is definitely a situation where two heads are better than one in the sense that your knowledge combined with all of the knowledge from your network is much smarter than just your knowledge alone.  What’s more is that, as others were saying, you can also connect with your favorite organizations who are doing green things so they can learn from you and you can learn from them.  Also, you have a better chance of recruiting people who may not be doing environmentally friendly things to do greener activities and behaviors.  For instance if a non-green friend sees some of your posts and all the good things you are doing, s/he might be more willing to join in or at least start the conversation by asking you about the things that you do. 

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