Can I turn my old grocery bags into anything?



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    Definitely!  In addition to recycling your plastic shopping bags or reusing them as small garbage bags in your home, you can use your bags as cutting boards, gift wrap or as filler for your indoor potted plants.  The important thing to remember is not to throw them into the garbage when you’re done re-reusing them!  Plastic shopping bags are a huge source of landfill waste.

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    It is a little too late for this, but certainly something to keep in mind for next year, if you have younger children.  I teach at a before and after school program, and for one of our craft projects, we had the kids make paper bag pilgrim puppets.  The link below will take you to the directions.  It was a blast, and the kids loved it.  Another idea would be to make pilgrim hats out of them.  Lots of crafts can be made from brown paper grocery bags.

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    It seems like there are uses for old grocery bags both brown paper and plastic as far as one’s imagination will take them. The brown paper grocery bags can be used for luminaries as Halloween decorations, a bowl with some Elmer’s glue or a text book cover for school. Plastic bags can be used to carry items to and from the garden and beach, a toy parachute for an action figure or my personal favorite, “an emergency rain hat.”

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    There are many grocery stores that will recycle the bags for you, all you have to do is round them up and drop them off. You can also take the bags to your local food bank and donate them, they are often in short supply.

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    You can recycle paper grocery bags into book covers! We used to do it in school when I was young. You use the inside of the bag so that you can decorate it! 

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    Personally, when I am asked, “paper or plastic?” at the grocery store, I always say plastic. But this is not good; there is an extreme excess of plastic bags in landfills that will never degrade, and recycling plastic is extremely inefficient. Rather, the best way to make use of plastic grocery bags is to reuse them. Recycling plastic bags can cost $4,000 and then be sold on the commodities market for a measly $32, or you could just reuse those bags!

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    This year for the holidays I used old paper bags for gift wrap. I took colored markers and decorated them with colorful holiday designs and wrapped up gifts in them—it’s a great way to reuse and save money on expensive wrapping paper. If you mean plastic bags, you can actually weave them into floor rugs! It looks like a pretty cool craft project that would let you make a waterproof and colorful rug. Check out the link below for details.

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