Can I take seeds from my pumpkin from halloween and grow my pumpkins for next year?



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    You can plant seeds from last year’s pumpkins. If you do this, be sure that the seeds have been air-dried, and not dried in the oven.

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    Yes you can. Here are some steps for saving your pumpkin seeds:
    1.Select large, healthy pumpkins from healthy plants. Remember large begets large and round begets round.
    2.If one plant appears more disease resistant than others, lean towards a pumpkin from this vine.
    3 Select two or three pumpkins if possible. Multiple sources increases the likelihood of good germination.
    4.Extract the seeds from the pumpkins.
    5.Wash and rinse seeds thoroughly, using soapy, lukewarm water. Do not use hot water, and do not allow the seeds to soak in the water.
    6.Drain seeds in a strainer.
    7.Spread seed out an screen.
    8. Stir the seeds often the first two days. Turn them over as you stir.
    9. Allow the seeds to air dry in a cool, dry area for three weeks. Longer is recommended. Do not cut the time short, even if the seeds appear “dry”.
    10.Store seeds in a bag, envelope or jar in a cool dry place. Use of an air tight jar is not recommended, because if the seeds have not thoroughly dried, they will mold and rot.
    11.Mark the seeds with date and type of pumpkin.
    12. Some people place the seed in a freezer for a couple of weeks before sowing them to replicate nature if at all possible. This is optional and I have seen no difference.

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