Can I see any bald eagles in Southern California?



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    Possibly. The range of bald eagles is , more or less, all of North America except the deserts and the southeastern United States. Bald eagles do have a winter population in portions of southern CA. In the winter they hang out more by large bodies of water, as they like to feed on fish, and they usually nest in trees. So your best bet is to find a place that has these characteristics.


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    Good question, ferrell.  As lunafish pointed out, there are populations of Bald Eagles in southern California.  I found an article that discussed Bald Eagle locations in southern California, and it looks like there are a few places they have been seen to frequent.  Namely, Big Bear Lake and surrounding mountain lakes in the San Bernardino Mountains, Diamond Valley Lake and Lake Hemet, Cachuma Lake, and parts of San Diego County and the Channel Islands.  For some more details and websites and phone numbers to particular locations, see the link below.

    Hope this helps!

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