Can I run my car on hydrogen peroxide?



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    It’s definitely possible, it’s been used to power racecars and rockets, and in China a car has been developed which runs on hydrogen peroxide. It’s a very clean fuel as the only byproducts it creates are heat and water vapor.

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    Hydrogen Peroxide is a viable alternative to energy storage mediums, however your vehicle (gas or diesel) could not run off it in its current state; The modifications would not be very extensive.

    Hydrogen peroxide does not burn, but rather, decomposes with a release of tremendous energy, close to the energy per mole of H2. Similar to water, it does not need a pressure vessel to contain it. Over 80% H2O2 (where H2O is the impurity), is explosive and extreme mechanical shock or heat can ignite it. For instance, in jets Hydrogen peroxide is “burned”catalytic decomposition. It is easy to get 3500 psi steam out of it as helicopters have flown with rotors containing H2O2 jets on the tips of the blade, as a result, no tail rotors or central engine are required. Hydrogen Peroxide can make for a very cheap, and clean fuel!

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