Can I reuse dryer sheets?



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    Good question, sheppard.  Over at, several people have offered their advice on ways to reuse dryer sheets, from simply reusing them in the dryer again, to using them to clean in the kitchen.  If you are reusing them in the dryer, they are good for about 4 uses.

    Hope this helps!

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    Yes, there a lots of ways to reuse dryer sheets. You can use two used ones in the dryer again. They can be used for cleaning around the house, as sheets for wiping down baseboards, wrap them around the toilet paper roll for a scent every time it turns, people clean pans with stuck on grease with them (not sure if this leaves a residue). The best thing to do is buy reusable dryer sheets so you do not have the negative environmental impact of throwing the old ones away (even in you reuse them first). 

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    You can reuse dryer sheets. One way to reuse dryer sheets is to rub them through your hair to get rid of frizzy hair. However, it really is a better idea to buy reusable dryer sheets. One company, Gaiam, makes reusable dryer sheets that you can use 500 times. They are chemical-free and hypoallergenic too.  

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