Can I return my old prescription bottles back to my pharmacy?



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    It seems rather unusual for pharmacies to take old prescription bottles (maybe due to safety and confidentiality concerns?), but there are other ways you can recycle them. Although most recycling centers do not take prescription bottles, it is certainly worth it to call your local recycling center and ask them if they do. You can also drop your #5 plastic prescription bottles (many of them are #5) off at a Whole Foods. Whole Foods works with a company called Preserve to have these drop-off stations nationwide.

    Sometimes free clinics, vet offices, and homeless shelters will take old prescription bottles as well. Call around to local clinics and shelters to see if they need any old prescription bottles.

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    For the most part, pharmacies do not take old prescription bottles back, so you should try elsewhere. You could try donating them to your local vet, animal shelters, Some places will take prescription bottles and reuse them to fill prescriptions for the animals. You could also try homeless shelters, as some accept old prescription bottles. Some free clinics also take empty prescription bottles and reuse them. Ask if you can donate yours to the free clinic in your area

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