Can I rent a hybrid car from any car rental company?



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    You can try, but according to a January USAToday article, finding hybrids at car rental companies is difficult.  Less than 5% of the 1.3 million available rental cars are hybrid.  In addition to availability, you will probably also have to pay a higher price.

    That said, if you want to find a hybrid car to rent then big cities are your best bet (especially on the West Coast.)

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    If you are up for trying another altnernative, Zip Cars maintains hybrids in their fleet pretty consistently.

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    No.  Not every car rental company offers hybrid vehicles.  While researching Enterprise’s website, I was surprised not to find hybrid models.  Hertz on the other hand offers their “Green Traveler Collection” with hybrids.  This was reassuring to see such a big name in rental cars with hybrid vehicles. 

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