Can I refuse a gift of a silver necklace?

I found out that the company that sells it does not comply with the Kimberly Process and does not actively stop slave labor to harvest their gold.



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    You can do what ever you feel is right. I personally would because ot the environmental impacts of silver mining, and the questionabiliy of labor (could have been mined from exploited workers).

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    I recommend writing to the company to let them know how you feel. You can also ask them if they have any other regulations or principles that ensure they are not utilizing child or slave labor to harvest their materials. Different companies can have different processes or certifications. Also, it is important to let a company know that you do not agree and will not support them unless they change. This will help expedite the change you are hoping for. 

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    I understand the difficulty in refusing a gift. I am sure the person giving it to you have nothing but good intentions. I would be sad if someone refused my gift. So I think you should accept the gift. Then sell the necklace to a metal recycling company and donate the cash to a worth environmental charity. This way you can satisfy both sides! 

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