Can I recycle post it notes?



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    Post it notes can be normally be recycled, but not always. They must be recycled at a mill that is able to process mixed paper so that the adhesive can be removed from the post it note.

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    Sure! Although, a lot of paper recycling centers can’t process the glue, so before you recycle them tear off the sticky part at the top. 

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    According to 3M, the makers of Post-It brand sticky notes, their product can be recycled. The adhesive they use a is plant based and is water soluble. 3M also makes a variety of Post-Its that are made of recycled material.

    Other brands of sticky notes may not be recyclable because of the chemicals used to create the adhesive. You might check the websites of other brands to see if their products can be recycled.

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    Post-its can be recycled in the mixed paper bin, because the adhesive comes off when it gets processed in the paper mill. In some offices, post-its can be recycled in the white paper bin, because the adhesive and color are removed at the paper mills. 

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