Can I recycle plastic zip lock bags?



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    If your recycling facility takes unmarked plastic bags and film then yes. You have to remove the ziplock part though.

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    If you use it to contain dry goods, you could reuse them. That’s what we like to do in our household–save a bag, save some cash, and at the end of its lifetime you can still recycle them 😉

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    Unfortunately, my curbside recycling program does not accept plastic bags… and I am not at this moment proud to say that we just throw them away… Jellybelly is right — they can be recycled… we just have to be willing to take the extra measures to protect the earth — in my opinion we could probably outlaw plastic bags altogether (let’s say, in 2055, because I’m not trying to get anyone from the plastic industry too mad at me!) and the world would become a better, cleaner place (see, Ireland). 

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