Can I recycle old ink cartridges? Where?



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    Yes, lots of places offer ink cartridge recycling programs. There are usually instructions on the back of the packaging which detail how to recycle them. Some companies pay for postage if you ship them back. Staples stores, among many other office supply stores, always have boxes for donation in each location.

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    Yes, and it is a good idea to do so. There are many places that take them. A lot of places on college campuses do have recycling program for them. Also places that sell the ink cartridges generally have a recycling system for those cartridges.

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    Ink cartridges are important to recycle because of the number of resources and chemicals that are in them. The office supply store, Staples, gives money for recycling your ink cartridges. When you recycle your ink cartridges, Staples gives you two dollars on your rewards cards. You do need a rewards card to get the money, but you can recycle them there in general.  

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