Can I recycle old CD’s and DVD’s?



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    CDs and DVDs do contain valuable materials that can be recycled. However, their design and composition is too complex to make large scale recycling profitable enough for easy pickup (unlike aluminum, glass, paper). So, you can ship old CDs and DVDs to a special recycling center to be recycled.
    NESAR Systems
    420 Ashwood Road
    Darlington, PA 16115
    (724) 827-8172

    Digital Audio Disk Corporation
    Attention: Disc Recycling Program
    1800 Fruitridge Avenue
    Terre Haute, IN 47804-1788
    Telephone (812) 462-8323

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    YES! You can! And you should because a) they DON’T DECOMPOSE and b) they release nasty fumes if they’re incinerated! Check out these 2 websites. One charges a small fee and one is free.
    Recycled material is then generally used for auto parts or building plastics! Neat.

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    Indeed you can, there are several websites dedicated to helping you do just that. Usually the deal with these recycling services is that the service itself is free, but you need to pay the postage. It doesn’t matter what condition the cd or dvd is in; even broken ones will be accepted. You simply have to send them in to certain places. Some of the sites include:
    There are also a couple of suggestions about you can do with your old CD’s DVDs here:

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    I just found out that you can! Only certain places in my city do it though.

    I’m embarrased to say I wish I knew sooner because just a year ago I threw out 100’s of old disks into the trash can 🙁

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