Can I recycle my old washer and dryer?



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    Yes. There are multiple ways you can dispose of your old washer and dryer for re-use. If you have the means to transport the appliances, then you can drop them off at a local charity organization that will find a new home for them (they normally prefer working items). If the washer and dryer are broken, there are scrap yards and used appliance shops that will use the functioning parts or fix any breakage for resale. There are services that will come get the appliances to take to an establishment like those listed above if you don’t have the means to transport them. 

    Appliance Recycling Centers of America is an organization that specializes in responsible scrapping and disposal. They have recycling centers all over the country; this is the link to find a center nearest to you:

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    Depending on the condition of you washer and dryer, have you considered donating them?  Habitat for Humanity recently opened stores all around the country called Re-Stores.  They accept donations of working, old appliances, tools, etc. and then they resell them at a low cost to people in need.  It’s a great program and not only will you feel good about not just throwing away your old washer and dryer, someone who needs them but can’t afford to buy them new will really appreciate it.  

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