can I recycle my old sheets?



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    While you can’t conventionally recycle your bed sheets, you CAN reuse them. For example, you can make draft stoppers at the bottom of doors, patch your pants or pockets, and make rags out of them. For other ideas follow the link below:

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    There are many ways to recycle old sheets is they are not in good enough condition to donate to a shelter or charity. One great way is to donate to animal shelters who use the sheets to provide clean soft bedding as kennel liners. There are ways to reuse sheets in the home to make iron covers, table runners, and dust rags. Clothing doesn’t typically get recycled through the recycling bin, however, so check with your community for a listing of clothing drop-off points.

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    If you would prefer, you could look into donating to a shelter for humans. I’ve donated old bedding to our community’s homeless shelter, and they expressed a real need for that kind of practical donations. They use bedding every night and it has to be washed every day (at emergency shelters).

    I suppose it depends on the condition of the sheets. If they’re pretty grungy, you might donate them to the animal shelter where it doesn’t matter at all what they look like.

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