Can I recycle my cap and gown?



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    Caps and gowns used to be rented, until the trend of disposable caps and gowns took hold when companies started offering free caps and gowns with the purchase of class rings.  Single-use gowns started to gain popularity in the 1970’s.  Students are now looking for ways to recycle and reuse their caps and gowns, such as passing them down to younger siblings.  A company called Willsie Cap and Gown Company offers the “greengown” that can be recycled if returned back to the company.

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    The best way to recycle your cap and gown is by giving it to another person that will be graduating.  Using it one time only is a big waste of money and resources.  Donating them to a school or a thrift store might increase the chances of someone resuing them.

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    It would be neat to start a cap and gown share at your scool. Initially the gowns would have to be purchased but then they could just be borrowed for each graduation, perhaps with a down payment of sorts so that they don’t just wander off. I imagine students would like this as it means that you dont have to buy one and then of course it cuts down on waste. This happens informally through friends just passing on cap and gowns to eachother.

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