Can I recycle hemp clothing?



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    From my research I think that the most approved thing to do with old clothing is to donate it. There are organizations out there that will take the hemp clothing you own and sell it to a charity or donate it to a charity and then people can reuse your clothing. It is better to keep the clothes usable. If the clothing is beyond repair you could continue to reuse the clothing as rags instead of as clothes.

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    I’m in agreement with slessman.  It seems the best thing to do with old clothing is:

    • Pass it on: give it to friends or family.  You could even have a little clothes-swap party where everyone brings old clothes they no longer want, lays it all out and then everyone gets to walk around and exchange this for that or bargain for different pieces
    • Sell it: Craigslist and eBay are great places to do this.  If the clothing is still in good shape (it should definitely still be wearable with no stains or rips), snap a photo and throw it up on the web.  People will buy almost anything and clothes are no different.
    • Donate it: Salvation Army, GoodWill, women’s organizations, local veteran groups and places like Dress for Success and Soles4Souls are always looking for donations. 
    • Find another use: often times old clothing can be made into rags, pillow or chair covers, table placemats, or cut into pieces for other craft projects like quilting.
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    I agree with what others have said. In fact, many environmental activists advocate reusing and reducing as much as you can before recycling because recycling requires extra transportation and energy use. Plus, there are many great places to donate clothing and lots of people who would appreciate your used stuff. The second link below has a list of charities and organizations that sell donated clothing and use the profits to support different kinds of movements, including animal shelters and environmental efforts. Of course, taking your clothes to Goodwill is always a good choice as well.

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