Can I raise chickens in my back yard?



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    It depends where you live.  Very few cities ban the raising of chickens outright, but most have a limit on the number you can have on a certain amount of land.  This is done out of respect for neighbors, for a large number of chickens can produce a lot of noise and waste.  However, most cities won’t allow roosters because of their loud crowing in the early morning.  If you do decide to raise chickens, be sure you comply with all of your city’s regulations and be careful about sicknesses to your birds and spread by your birds.

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    In most places, yes.  If you have a decent backyard with a lawn and plenty of space, that should be fine.  My chickens live in a fenced gazebo, but you can also build a small chicken coop yourself.  All they need pretty much is a lawn to walk around and get exercise during the day, and a small shelter to sleep in at night. Check your local feed store for all the supplies you need.  Baby chicks should be available this time of year. 

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    Depends on the size of your backyard, but probably yes.  You’ll just need a coop or area where they can be sheltered from the outdoors.  And, of course, the necessary food and water.

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    we raise them at school, if you have a coop and other needed supplies you can….. My teacher has some in his back yard

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 has a feature that lets you search by state and town for local chicken laws. A lot of towns aren’t included, but it if yours is it could be useful: has one too but it looks like it’s still under construction:

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