Can I put something in a waterless urinal to keep it from smelling?



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    Yes, there are products that you can purchase to act as deodorizers. HeineBio sells a spray and deodorizer “blocks” that contain active cultures of bacteria that are supposed to neutralize the smell caused by organics in urine. However, it doesn’t look like you can order from the site directly. You’ll have to submit a request for more information or for a salesperson to contact you. This site also looks like they sell a deodorizer designed to be sprayed.

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    Good question! I had the same question a few months ago but during my research i found BlueSeal sealing liquid by Waterless Co. Its an oil based liquid that doesnt mix with urine. completely seals it in and its also 95% biodegradable. The website says 1 qrt of BlueSeal lasts up to 15,000-20,000 uses. No smell at all so far. Worth checking out! good luck! 🙂

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