Can I put hair from my haircuts in my compost pile?



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    Human and animal hair is a great source of nitrogen and may be added to your compost pile. Make sure you spread it evenly to avoid clumping.

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    In most cases, I waould say yes; however, I’m not so sure about hair colored with chemical dyes…

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    Hair is a good source for nutrients and although it releases nutrients slower than traditional fertilizer, it’s a viable compost component. Also, human hair can be used as a natural deer repellant–so not only can hair boost your soil’s nutrient value, but can deter deer from eating your plants. However, as greengal75 noted, chemically died hair should probably not be added.

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    Some hair based fertilizers exist on the market.  A company called SmartGrow based in Florida offers “hair containing mats that gardeners place beneath or on top of their plants.”  These mats serve the purpose of adding nutrients to the soil, keeping in the moisture, and fighting off weeds through inhibiting their growth.

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