Can I put chicken bones in my compost pile?



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    It is not advisable to compost chicken bones, or any kind of boned meat in your compost pile. The main reason for this is that the bones and any remaining meat on them will attract vermin and other pests into your garden. In addition, the bones will not break down like the rest of your compost and can actually help to preserve other items you put in your compost, preventing them from breaking down as well.

    There are special composters you can buy which strip the meat from the bones. Smaller chicken bones will decompose if left in the composter for long enough, but this does not include all chicken bones. The composter does work on fish bones, however.

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    Like greenveganyogini said, it is not suggested BUT I have heard of quite a few people that have done this and did this successfully.

    The first link I attached is by a lady who not only composts chicken bones, T-bones, pork chop bones, but also a whole squirrel!! She does say to make sure the bones have no risidual meat or fat on them. Most people definitely agree that there should be no fat, but meat is okay. The bones will be clean within weeks.

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