Can I make my own lipstick?



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    This website has instructions for homemade lipstick. The ingredients involve castor oil, wax, liquid Vitamin E, and coconut or cocoa butter. You can color the lipstick with liquid food dye or mineral eyeshadows.

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    It is possible to make your own lipstick. A popular way involves using crayons. To get the correct shape of lipstick, you can buy certain chapstick tubes and fill them with your own lipstick. The basic ingredients of the lipstick are crayons, shea butter, and jojoba oil. You can also add different vitamins and minerals. People say the color lasts longer than regular lipstick.

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    Yup! If you have an old lipstick tube you should use it to store your homemade lipstick. You will need castor oil, iron oxide/mica powder/D&C color <— those ingredients will give it color. Adjust it to your liking. Mica white is optional, it will give your lipstick a shimmery color. Now that is just for phase on on how to make it. I recommend the link on the bottom, it explains the rest and tels you how to make it.

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